18 May 2015

Your Date Night Makeup Look in 5 Products Or Less

YouTube and Instagram are filled with Makeup Tips and Tutorials for women who love makeup, but what about the ladies who don’t usually wear makeup? For those women who love the natural look you’re in luck! A 2014 study found three fourths of men prefer a more natural look on a woman, and 40 percent of men say they think women wear too much makeup, according to The Daily Mail.

As a bit of a tomboy myself and as a woman who works from home, I don’t wear much makeup on a daily basis. Ironically, four years ago I began consulting and marketing for the boutique cosmetic line Violent Lips, which at times required me to wear lots of makeup for trade shows and events.

My work within the beauty industry helped me put together a clean and fresh faced look for my dates that any woman can pull off for very little effort. If you struggle with makeup, want to look for a first date, or just want to refresh your look for your regular date night here’s how you do it.

Polish Your Date Night Look In 10 Minutes Or Less Using Just 5 Products:

I’m a fan of using multipurpose products. Multipurpose products save you time and money and take up less space on your bathroom counter, which are all pluses in my book. That’s why I begin with a mufti-purpose base.

Step 1: It’s All About The Base


BB creams have been around for the last 3 years or so and CC creams are now also on the market. BB creams include 5 components; moisturizer, primer, SPF, foundation and anti-aging cream. Using a BB cream has replaced my need for using a separate moisturizer and foundation.

There are lots of options in the market to choose from depending on your skin type and budget. I’m a fan of matte skin products since my t-zone tends to get oily, and use two different BB creams depending on the season. I need a deeper moisturizer during the dry winter vs a lighter cream in the summer, so feel free to switch it up.

Step 2: Let’s Conceal


I use a tinted eye cream as my second step so that I get the benefits of a concealer for my under eyes and the de-puffing, anti-aging, line diminishing benefits of an eye cream. I personally use Garnier’s Skin Renew Eye Roller, but there are many options on the market you can choose from.

Step 3: You’re Making Me Blush


Next up use a blush and bronzer combo product like Revlon’s Photo Ready Sculpting Blush Palette or Maybeline’s Master Hi-Light to add color and light to your cheekbones. This will help brighten you up and define your face.

Step 4: Let’s Define

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I’ve only come to realize how important your brows are in the last few years and now I can’t leave the house without them filled in. I’ll take a nice brow before anything else.

I really love using a powder to fill in your brows. It’s a softer more natural look than pencil, in my opinion. I like Anastasia brow powder duo. It comes in several shades and you use an angled brush to apply it. Using very little can make a big difference in how your face is defined.

Step 5: Flirt With Your Eyes

No polished look is complete without flirty lashes. Mascara options are endless and you can use your favorite one. I like Maybeline’s Falsies Volume Express. It gives the full false lash look without having to wear them.

…. And that’s it. Interested in what the final look looks like? I am wearing just these 5 products in the photo below. There’s no filter, and nothing is perfect, but it works for me and it will work for you to just help “enhance” your natural beauty.

Ravid Yosef - Date Night Look

P.S. For those wondering about a lip product, I personally only wear lip balm/chap stick, but if you like a brighter lip, feel free to add your favorite shade to your look.

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