16 Jan 2015

Why Dating The Right Person At The Wrong Time For Right Now Is Good For You

Long ago I dated a man who I really thought I’d end up with. Our physical chemistry was crazy. We could talk for hours. We wanted the same things in life. We admired one another, and genuinely liked being around each other. All the things I preach to you about looking for in a relationship, we had.

We tried again and again, but alas we could never get it together. Neither of us was in a place emotionally where we could allow the other in. As much as we both wanted to fall in love and trust the other person, our walls were just too high and we didn’t have the tools to make it work.

I always fantasized about how we would one day find each other again. This time around we would be more mature, more vulnerable and having gone through our own personal journey that would lead us at the end to one another. This time it would work. This time we would get it together.

Have you ever felt like you met the right person at the wrong time? Some consider this to be the one that got away, but as I went through my personal journey I realized that he didn’t get away, he was just a great transition and foundation of what was to come ahead.

If you don’t change your perspective on the one that got away, you will always feel like you lost something. Instead we should embrace the positive role this person played in our life. We should feel complete in knowing that they were exactly what we needed at that time.

The right person for right now can be beneficial to your growth and development. Perhaps they were a much-needed lesson? Maybe they were the stability you needed right after a bad relationship? Or like in my case, they offered a safe place for you to explore your emotional and physical health?

As I continued to date in droves after him, I found comfort in the fact that I knew that good men were out there. I just had to play a numbers game. Maybe the good men were 1 in 10, or 1 in 20. Either way, I set out to figure it out and that’s how Love Life TBD was born.

My relationship with him was not for nothing. In retrospect, I dated the right person at the right time for me; he just wasn’t meant to be the guy for all of time.

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