9 Nov 2015

What Successful Women Need To Know To Find Love

You are powerful. You are brilliant. You are successful. You are passionate. Despite all that you have in your amazing life, something is missing. You’re missing that person to come home to and partner to share your life with.

This is usually the part where a love coach tells you that you need to hone in on your feminine power. You have masculine energy, they’d say, and you have to change that.

To that I say a big HELL NO. I love me. I love that I’m a total badass and I can’t change myself nor will I try to change you. There are things that you do brilliantly in your career that can carry over into a successful love life and I don’t want you to lose that part of yourself.

It’s going to take your masculine energy to keep you committed to your vision of love, while your feminine energy will allow you to receive love. For love to work, we must keep these two parts of ourselves in balance.

Here are 8 things you are doing in business that can apply to your love life today:

Figure out what you want.

You would never enter a meeting without a vision for your client or business. The same rule applies for your love life. You don’t enter into a date, let alone a relationship without knowing what you want to achieve or a vision for your future. Be prepared for love, just as you would be for your job.

Dedicate yourself to the journey.

For you to execute on your vision at work you would have to create a plan. You would have to dedicate time out of your schedule and go to meetings. The same concept applies for your pursuit of love. Make a plan and work that plan everyday.

If you are not committing your time and energy to your pursuit of love you will never have it. Schedule time to spend on dating sites everyday and regular date nights. Love takes work.

Stay Committed and set boundaries.

If one client told you they were no longer interested in your services, would you stop and shut down your business? If one client wanted something different from what you offer, would you continue to work with them if it didn’t fit your vision and purpose?

The answer to both questions are no, you would not. The same concept applies in your love life. One or two or 10 bad dates do not constitute a reason to give up.

You keep going. If a man isn’t looking for what you are looking for you, you let him go. You commit yourself to achieving the goal you set out for.

Have Confidence.

Do you suffer from Olivia Pope season 1 of Scandal syndrome? You know, all powerful and in control in business, but turn into a pile of mush around a man? Love is scary, but it should never make you insecure, lose your voice or your power.

Confidence is attractive and you don’t have to lose that part of yourself to capture his attention. Stay in tune with your worth and what you bring to the relationship. You’ve got this! It’s handled.

Be Adaptable.

Each client or person in your organization does not warrant the same energy from you. You adapt in business to attend to the needs of those you serve. You do the same for your relationship.

Wait, am I serving my man? No. But you serve as a stand for him. You serve as his partner. Some days that means you are a listener, other days it means you are the doer.

This also means that you are adaptable while first going on dates. You are able to let go of work mode and enter personal mode so that you are present.

Practice Reciprocity.

You receive at the spa once a month and you love receiving that cup of coffee from your assistant every morning, right? Sure we pay those people to do that for us, but the model applies just the same.

You enjoy receiving, not because you need it, but because you want it. It’s nice when others think of us. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Don’t you want to feel like that all the time?

Let the man in your life give and allow yourself to receive.

Be fearless.

In your career our failures don’t hold you back. You understand that a failure is a lesson and an opportunity to learn something new so that next time you’ll know better.

The same thought process has to apply in your love life. Your failures can’t be worn as a shield around your heart. Learn from them, do better next time and don’t allow your fears of the past to get in the way of your future.

Trust your team.

At work you trust your team. You empower them. You know that each person is there because they excel at something and may even be better at something than you. If you’re too controlling you get burned out and they don’t perform to their capabilities leaving everyone frustrated.

Your relationship works in the same way. You have to trust your partner, your teammate. You can’t control him, fix him or control the relationship. You have to give him the space to do his thing and trust that if something falls a part, he will be there to help pick up the pieces.

Without trust there’s no respect and without respect there is no relationship.

If you are a successful woman who is missing love in her life, let me show you how to get the love you desire while staying true to who you are and embracing both the masculine and feminine aspects of your personality. Click here to schedule a time to speak with me to see how I can help you get the love you desire.

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