11 Aug 2014

Want To Get The Best Out Of Your Man? Acknowledge Him

Ever wonder why men feel the need to high five and slap each other on the ass every time they make a good play during a game? It’s because men need acknowledgement and praise to keep giving it their all.

Do you notice how when men do the simplest household chore, that we as women feel they should just do anyway, they feel very proud and point it out to you? We think to ourselves; what do you want an award? I do this stuff everyday.

Maybe they don’t need an award, but they do need acknowledgement if you want them to continue to do those things.

The easiest way to continue to get the best out of your man is through acknowledgement. The simplest way to acknowledge one another is through language. A simple thank you, or text saying that you see their efforts and appreciate it (though a slap on the ass once in a while doesn’t hurt).

If you want a relationship where you don’t take each other for granted, then you must thank and acknowledge each other. A successful relationship takes commitment, dedication, time and sacrifice. No one owes this to you, so when it’s given, display gratitude and appreciation for that.

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