2 Oct 2014

Want To Get Over Your Ex?

We’ve all dated that guy. We thought he was the one, only to have him disappoint and hurt us. He did something horrible. He broke our heart, and we can’t seem to trust anyone else and move on. You’ve gone to therapy, spoke to your friends about it for hours, and yet you still can’t seem to get over it.

It’s because it’s incomplete. It doesn’t matter whom you speak to, if you’re not speaking to him, you still have things to say and the situation remains unresolved.

But you wouldn’t dare speak to him! You hate him. He’s a horrible person. Why would you open up all of these wounds and let this person anywhere near you? Luckily for you, you don’t need to do that to get over him. You just need to write a letter.

It’s time to spill everything. Take a pen and pad, don’t try to type this out, and throw up on this piece of paper. Write him everything; the good, the bad and the ugly. Write how you were hurt, and how it’s affecting you today. How you’ve lost trust, or confidence in yourself. Write what you wanted with him, how he disappointed you. Write it all.

Write your role in what happened. What you could have done differently? What will you do differently in your next relationship?

Then write that you forgive him. Yep you heard that right, you forgive him. Even if he never said sorry, you forgive him.

Take this letter and stand in front of the mirror. Read it out loud over and over and over until you’re sick of hearing it (at least 5 times). When you hear this story over and over again you realize how silly it is. Why are you holding on to this?

Fold it up and put it away somewhere. Shit, if you’re feeling really good, throw it in the trash.

You may not feel it right away, but a weight will be lifted off of you. You’ve now said all that you needed to say. It’s done and it’s time to move on.

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