7 May 2014

What Words Define You In Your Dating Life?

I worked in the music business in one way or another since I was 9 years old. Working my way to the top was ruthless to say the least and I had to be what many people would describe as your typical music exec; a Bitch.Define Yourself

No one was standing in my way of achieving my goals, and through that process people used many of words to describe me. Unapproachable, mean, tough, man-eater, ball buster, controlling, etc were some of the words used to define me. I had an opinion and everyone knew it. I didn’t care what anyone thought.

In the past, I’ve taken all of these terms and applied them in my personal relationships. The lines of how I needed to act at work versus at home were blurred.

Going through all the dating in the LLTBD project I realized that I was none of those words when it came to looking for love. Strangers’ perspective of me was totally different. I was approachable, friendly, and free spirited (I’m still working on the controlling part).

You get to define who you want to be in every situation in your life. Don’t let one label control how you interact with someone new. Choose the words that you would like to have define you and just act that way. Eventually, being that way is who you will be.


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