3 Jul 2014

The Thirst Ain’t Real… You’re just not that into him

If you’re keeping up with the new lingo, then you’ve used the words “thirsty” when it comes to the opposite sex. For those not as familiar, it’s when someone is eager about you.

He’s blowing up your phone? He must be thirsty..

He texts before you can even leave the parking lot from your first date? He’s definitely thirsty….

I’m here to tell you that “The Thirst” is all in our heads. If you actually liked the person, you wouldn’t consider them thirsty. You would get excited when you hear from them, because you like them too.

Next time someone is showing genuine interest in you and you get the urge to call him or her thirsty, just be honest with yourself and that person. They are not thirsty. You’re just not that into them.

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