28 May 2014

The “Normal” guy didn’t have a chance…

Let’s define the “Normal” guy as some of the ladies in the industry (or that live in LA, Miami, NYC) see it. If he’s not making six figures, has no interesting/famous friends, is not trendsetting, and gets most of his meals from a chain restaurant, he’s too normal.

Does he dream of a white picket fence, with his 9-5 and weekends spent with all of his other normal friends? He’s not for me. Or at least he didn’t have a chance.

For 9 years I lived a life that for all intensive purposes was not really mine. Don’t get me wrong; I made the money, I owned the house, I was a trendsetter, etc., but I didn’t pay for the bottles being popped in the club, the flights I was on every week, or the fancy dinners at Nobu and Mr. Chows. Somehow that did become my expectation and when a man described any of the “normal” things I mentioned above, he was automatically written off.

I’ve spent the last 2 years trying to redefine what normal means for the men I date, and in my life. This is still a constant battle for me, because what I used to consider the norm is so much more “entertaining” and I was used to dealing with their bullshit.

Normal now means that a man can provide, works hard but can have balance in his life. Has integrity and is consistent.

What does normal mean to you? Let me know in the comments.

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