26 Feb 2016

The Difference Between Why Men and Women Cheat (With Video)

He’s a pig who only thinks with his penis. Or, she’s not getting the affection she needs at home. We’ve basically just summed up the difference between why men cheat versus why women cheat, right?

But, are these really the main reasons each sex turns to infidelity? It turns out — there’s more to know.

First off, let’s clarify — Who is more likely to cheat: men or women?  While historical data states 22 percent of men and 14 percent of women have an extramarital affair in their lifetimes, the tide is apparently turning. A more recent survey in Britain stated that 9 percent of men and 25 percent of  women would try gettin’ a little on the side if they had the hots for someone else.

So, now that we know up to a quarter of all women and as little as one-tenth of all men have (or would have) an affair, what else do we need to know? That infidelity hurts? Check.That infidelity is usually a symptom of a much deeper problem? That infidelity often destroys mental, physical and financial wellbeing? Check and check.

Well then, why does it happen?

I join a panel of YourTango.com experts, including the master of knowing the differences between men and women, John Gray, sex coach Lauren Brim, medium Bee Herz, and yourtango VP Melanie Gorman to get to the bottom of this topic.

Watch the video below to get some shocking answers!

Some additional thoughts: 

Everyone has a different reason for cheating. The reasons are not as black and white as some people would have you believe. What most will be shocked by in this article is the fact that more women than men are now cheating and I want to address my thoughts on why that’s happening.

There are a lot of women out there who are missing something in their relationship and one of two things happen:

  1. They don’t know exactly what is missing or wrong.
  2. They are unable to communicate to their partner what’s missing or wrong.

If this is happening to you in your current or past relationships, I’d advise you to take a step back. It’s time to listen to yourself, your needs and your desires. What need is not being fulfilled? What’s missing for you? What is keeping you from communicating that with your partner?

Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it in your partner. Most importantly you can find it in yourself as long as you have the desire to fix what’s broken. Just as I stated in the video – whether you’re the cheater or the one getting cheated on – people are so quick to walk away.

That’s not to say that there aren’t good reasons to walk away, but often times we are looking for something that we have’t figured out we needed yet, or that we’re too afraid to communicate and fight for.

If you love your partner and want to work this out and don’t want to repeat this behavior, let’s figure this out together. Book your free 30 minute coaching session with me here.


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