19 Jun 2014

The Conquest Is Keeping You From Being Fulfilled

You’ve got a big ego… and it’s wasting your time. The conquest has become more important to you than actually finding someone you connect with. You keep having these meaningless interactions with the opposite sex and for what?

So that you feel like you conquered something? That someone liked you? So you can be validated that you can have that person if you wanted to?

The conquest comes in many forms:

  • Getting them to sleep with you, even though there’s no connection.
  • Getting them to like you, even though you don’t like them.
  • Getting them to change, even though they’re unavailable.

Etc. etc.

That’s all ego talking and not who you truly aspire to be or the types of connections you’re looking to have in your life. So next time you’re looking to conquer someone new, ask yourself this; what are my intentions here? Are they in line with what I’m looking for?

If they are not, stop wasting your time and theirs.

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