5 May 2014

The 3 Words that make a woman lose interest; “Send A Pic”

Hey Fellas… I’ve polled all the women I know and we all agree that this “Send a Pic” epidemic has to end. Nothing makes a woman who just met you cringe more than those 3 silly words.

I get it, everyone is over sharing and asking for a pic seems harmless, but we HATE it and it’s a stupid request. Why not just ask for our instagram? Or if we met you from a dating app, use the screen save feature on your phone for god’s sake and learn how to crop.

We just met!! No one is trying to send you pictures… and don’t you dare ask us to “send a sexy pic”, you will get ignored.

Side Eye for asking a stupid question

Side Eye for asking a stupid question

Do you ask for or send pics to people you just met? Let me know in the comments section.

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  2. Chisom

    Oh gosh!! I totally hate this request.. Well, I think some ladies encourage the behaviour., they send a pic even without request so I guess d men assume its supposed to be ok, well, its not!!

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