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These are just a few of the things my clients are receiving through my coaching services. Here’s what they had to say.

Working with Ravid was a true turning point for me. Going through her exercises of forgiving some folks in my life, letting go of my ex, and practicing being vulnerable and building all kinds of relationships opened me to the loving relationship I’m in now. I’m so grateful. 



“Ravid gave me an action plan that started with me deep diving into my roadblocks. She asked me some tough questions and helped me discover and understand the ways I sabotaged myself. She made me face my fears and helped me to realize that I can finally trust myself and allow love into my life.”



Since working with Ravid I have felt lighter and have been laughing and singing for no reason! I haven’t had any overwhelming feelings of stress or anxiety, even through 12-hour work days. I’m not feeling any pressure about things I “should” be doing. I am able to be more relaxed and communicate more easily with my boyfriend. He told me that I no longer look like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders!



This has been life changing for me. I used to carry a lot of my past around with me. Since working with Ravid I have felt a new sense of power, confidence and positivity and have been able to relate to the men (and other people) in my life differently.


Ben Testimonial

Going through a difficult time in my life, I stumbled upon an article written by Ravid that really struck a chord. I visited her website and thought maybe she wasn’t the right person to help me… I didn’t need dating advice. I often felt like I was a terrible person and I was ridden with feelings of guilt. The free 30-minute consultation sucked me in. I am SO grateful that I called. Ravid offers so much! She has given me practical tools to help me live a more balanced, mentally healthy life by making changes to MYSELF. She has helped me see that I am assuming responsibility for things that are out of my control. She has helped me to set boundaries. These changes have helped every relationship in my life, personally and professionally.

Many, many thanks, Ravid.

This is not a paid celebrity endorsement, although it should be.

Carrie, Personal Client

Ravid has been a real pleasure to work with and I consider her a friend as well as a couch. Before I met with Ravid, I had no real concrete idea of what I wanted in a partner nor was I able to explain where I was now in life and where I wanted to go and how that partner fit into my plans. I was counting on serendipity to magically find me the perfect partner.

Well Ravid explained to me that you just can’t count on luck that you will meet the right person. She helped me define what qualities in a person were important to me, what my goal was with my partner, did I want to get married, live together or just meet a good friend. Ravid also had me define where I wanted to be today and a few years into the future. This led to a re-write of my dating profile stating who I am an clearly stating what I was looking for in partner.

In short Ravid taught me that like anything else in life if you want something you have to put a little work in and clearly define who you are and what’s important to you in a partner to attract the kinds of people you have the best chance of developing a successful long term relationship with.

I would recommend Ravid to anyone who is not meeting the types of people their looking for as well as anyone stuck in an unfulfilling relationship.

Brian, Personal Client

Ravid really helped me process and make sense of the reservations I had related to reconnecting with an ex romantically and giving things a second chance. She was very influential in opening my mind to see all the positive possibilities there were that I was missing out on by being closed minded. I highly recommend her services.

Mr. T, Personal Client

Ravid is as good as it gets. She does not judge your past and only cares about putting you in the right position to attract the right relationships. She listens and she does not mix words. Someone with integrity that you can truly trust. Thank You Ravid.

Robert, Personal Client



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