21 Mar 2016

24 Things Successful Women Do To Find Love Without Settling

The successful woman faces different challenges when looking for love. She is often told that she’s too intimidating, too independent and doesn’t have enough feminine energy.

Because of that, she feels like she has to change who she is, or settle for a man who doesn’t quite cut it. Any of this sound familiar?

I’ve learned that many successful and driven women have their sh*t together in their careers, but struggle in love.

The successful woman, who breaks through the struggle and finds Love Without Settling thinks, feels and does things differently. She knows that in order to find success in love she has stand in her power.

Here are 24 things the successful woman does to find Love Without Settling:

  1. She knows her value and that she’s worthy of great love.
  2. She doesn’t compromise who she is while compromising with her partner.
  3. She loves her life and lives in her vision with or without a partner.
  4. She loves herself to the core.
  5. She knows there’s power in her femininity, and when to use her masculinity.
  6. She dances with failure, since that’s where all her lessons are learned.
  7. She let’s go of her past and walks through fear.
  8. She forgives herself and those who never asked to be forgiven.
  9. She knows how to have fun.
  10. She is taken seriously, without taking herself too seriously.
  11. She communicates her needs.
  12. She knows there is no perfect man.
  13. She knows there’s a perfect man for her.
  14. She doesn’t judge.
  15. She sets healthy boundaries.
  16. She listens to her intuition.
  17. She is not defined by things or titles.
  18. She does not define a man by his things or titles.
  19. She handles herself with grace.
  20. And knows that it’s ok if at times she’s a total mess.
  21. She listens to her body.
  22. She gives herself permission to be vulnerable.
  23. She is compassionate with others, but most importantly with herself.
  24. She chooses love.

It’s time to cut through the B.S. and get real about Love. You are successful, goal-oriented, and self-motivated, but you are building a life for one. All of this is so much more fulfilling when you find real love and someone to share your success and build your life with.

You get to choose who you are today. You get to choose how you show up. You get to choose to be the successful woman who doesn’t settle for anything less than she desires.

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