22 Oct 2014

So Yeah, Guys… Funny Story About How I Met Him

It was the first night of the NBA Finals and I got to a sports bar early to grab a booth for my friends. I was meeting up with one of my best friends and a couple of new friends I had just made the previous weekend. My friends knew some of the other guys at the bar, and we were all having a really great time watching LeBron bitch out cramp up in San Antonio.

I invited a guy I was seeing for the last couple of weeks to join us, and he said he would, but much later in the evening. Drinks and food were flowing when a group of guys walked in. My friend Summer pointed one out and said, “hey Ravid, he’s cute”. “Ahhhh.. he’s not really my type, and I have some other guy coming by later, I responded”.

15 minutes later, my friend Rachel says, “hey Ravid, if you’re trying to get married, you need to date that guy”, referencing the same guy that Summer pointed out before, unbeknownst to her. I gave her the same response I gave to Summer and minutes later the guy I was seeing showed up.

He came by, gave a hug and asked if I wanted a drink and headed to the bar. Our table was pretty full, without a seat to spare, so I asked the next table over if I could steal their chair. One guy said yes, but this other guy ran over and said “no, you can’t have that chair”.

I looked up and it was the guy Rachel and Summer pointed out. He made sure to repeat himself, “you can’t have that chair, you have to negotiate for it.”

Negotiate? I offered up Summer.. hey she thought he was cute! But he refused and insisted we keep negotiating. We got into some small talk, mostly me talking shit about the Knicks, when he asked if I was with any of the men at the table.

I told him there was a guy here I’ve been seeing, and he was at the bar. He asked for my number anyway, and I said I think it would be disrespectful to give him my number, but that if he was still here when the guy left, we can talk some more.

I think the other guy saw this and decided to stay longer then he had anticipated. Mr. Negotiation and his friends started to head out, when I asked my friend Summer “didn’t you think that guy was cute, you should go talk to him before he leaves”.

She chased him outside and gave him my number. She’s a great friend.

It’s now almost 5 months later, and today is Mr. Negotiation’s Birthday. I’m so thankful he took that chance and spoke to me, despite another man being there. I’m thankful for great new friends that said what they said so I would give him a chance. He wasn’t exactly my type, but he’s exactly what I needed. Sometimes it takes a village for you to find the one you love.

Happy Birthday Prague.