16 Jul 2014

Pick Up The Damn Phone! Why I Can’t Take A Texter Seriously

One of the things I hate most about dating gen X and Y is the constant texting. You can text someone for days, even weeks before you speak on the phone or see one another (again).

Texting creates a false sense of intimacy. It makes us feel connected. You feel close to that person because you’ve spent so much time “talking” to them, but you never truly get real context or tone.

When you text, you can multi-task, so you’re never giving someone your undivided attention. The other person can easily text a bunch of other people while they’re texting you.

Don’t get me wrong; It’s cool to text here and there, check in during the day, but if that person is not picking up the phone, they more than likely have something to hide or don’t care all that much about truly sharing themselves with you.

So pick up the damn phone! Stop with the stupid emjoies and create a real connection.

Lol 🙂

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