14 Jul 2014

Only For The Advanced: Dating Two-A-Days

Most of us have a full schedule, or at least believe that we are very busy. Sometimes you’re interested in multiple people (this happens often when online dating) and the only way to really find time for them is to two-a-day on the weekends.

One of the necessary evils of “aggressively dating” is the dating two-a-day. If you’re going to try this advanced move, here are a few things to keep in mind.

  1. Schedule the two dates as far apart as possible. You don’t want to rush from one to the other. Ideally you have some down time in between to reboot.
  2. Schedule the two dates for two very different locations. I’m a fan of Coffee or Juice in the earlier part of the day and Dinner or Drinks at night.
  3. Be very present in the conversation. You don’t want to confuse the facts of the two people you are seeing. I used to write notes in their contact information based on their profiles or things we’ve talked about before and read up on them before the date.
  4. No kissing on two-a-day dates. Cause you know, it’s kind of ewwww…

Two-a-days are really helpful in eliminating people you are not interested in. When you go out with two people in the same day, one (or maybe none) is ultimately going to win your interest over the other…. Hunger Games style.

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