6 Jun 2014

Online Dating vs. Meeting Someone In Person

Last year when I first started “aggressively” dating, 80% of the men I dated I met online. I was playing a numbers game and I could spend a few hours online and meet 10 guys or I could go out and meet one or two. Strategically, spending that time online made more sense.

In the last couple of months, I’ve been going out a lot more and the stats have flipped. More than 60% of the men I have dated I meet in person. I don’t know if I’m giving off a certain vibe, but I meet someone every time I leave the house and enter a social setting.

I have to admit, It’s nice to meet someone and automatically know if you are attracted to them or not and if you have some chemistry… BUT the men I meet in person are kind of assholes.

Here’s my theory; if he’s approaching you at a bar, then he can just as easily approach any other woman in the room. He has the confidence and charisma to pull who ever he deems worthy and if you’re not down for the cause, he’s not down with you.

The guys who are online dating (Tinder not apply), are normally lacking that social skills or confidence to approach women and that makes them a bit more humble. Though this may not be as attractive to a woman when you first meet someone, in the long term, the shy, humble guy makes for a much better suitor.

This is not to say that you can’t meet a nice guy in person. There are certain situations where you can do exactly that and I’ll discuss that in a future post.

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