17 Apr 2015

Living A Fuller Life; Reflecting On My 1-Year Anniversary Of Love Life TBD

A year ago today, I started Love Life TBD. For those that knew me before, they can attest that this is a far departure from my past as Record Label Executive and Brand Marketing Manager. Having gone through a huge personal transition after Cancer, I spent a year trying to figure out how I can live a fuller life and what I would do professionally to create the life I wanted.

I had a big life before, but it was not full, and there’s a major difference between the two. How would I live a fuller life?

I decided to reflect on what I love to do the most in my life if money didn’t matter? What could I talk about for hours? What was I passionate about?

When I was 10 years old I wrote my first song. It was winter break and I was bored, and I just kept repeating lyrics in my head until I had a full song. When I was done with it I went to the library and looked up a book on song writing. It said that I should copyright it by mailing it to myself and not opening it, and that I did.

I would go on to write over 200 songs in my teens, all were about love. I always kept a journal, mostly talking about boys and lessons I was learning. Writing has always been a big part of my life, and for a while I let it go to pursue that bigger life behind the scenes in the music industry.

I made a choice to get back to my writing roots, and writing about love having gone through my aggressive dating journey just made sense.

Writing this blog has given me so much joy. Being able to share my journey and grow with my reader has given me an infinite amount of wisdom that I am so grateful for. I couldn’t have imagined the audience I’ve built and the syndication I’ve received when I first began doing this.

The reaction I’ve gotten to my articles has encouraged me to keep writing and I am ¾ of the way done with my memoir/self-help book. I am also continuing my studies in the field of coaching and behavioral patterns and I’ll be NLP certified next month.

Working with clients has been the highlight of my year. Knowing that I can make a difference for someone is the most rewarding feeling you can have.

I’d like to thank anyone who has read a single article or all 130 of them since my launch. I’d like to thank my friends for inspiring and allowing me to use their love lives in my posts. I’d like to thank all the men that I dated who taught me so much about dating and myself.

Most importantly a big thank you to my boyfriend who allows himself to be the guinea pig to my concepts and gives me the freedom to write about our life together. It’s hard dating a dating coach and writer since your relationship is always a subject matter, but he’s been along for most of the ride and I appreciate his support.

Here’s to another great year of living a fuller life filled with love, joy and prosperity.

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