23 May 2014

Free Spirit… Who Me?

Sorry for not positing last week. I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic and even though I wrote a few articles to publish THE FREE SPIRITbefore I left,  I was admittedly too hung over every day to think about it.

I LOVE vacation me. No rules. No judgments. No repercussions.

Don’t we all wish that we could be our Vacation selves when at home? Maybe you’re a little more outgoing? Friendlier? Free spirited? More confident? Dance the night away, when at home you’re just a bit too Hollywood?

Last year when I came to the Dominican the feedback I got from everyone I met was that I was such a Free Spirit. For the last two years I’ve tried really hard to embody that in my real life. If you’ve known me for a long time, you know that this was a hard task, but you can be anything you want by just being it.

I’ve done it for long enough that now it’s actually real. I am that person at home too. When I hit the club (all though rare), I dance! When I meet people, I don’t judge them. I take them for who they are and the connection we may have. If I want to jump the fence to use the pool after hours, I do exactly that. And I have so much more fun for it.

Want to be a free spirit.. Fake it till you make it and just be a free spirit (or whatever it is you want to BE).

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