25 Aug 2014

Ever Felt Like You’ve Known Someone Forever, But You Just Met?

You meet someone and there’s an instant connection. You relate and understand each other in a meaningful way from the second you start speaking. You’re so comfortable with one another and you feel like you’ve known them forever. How is this possible when you just met?

Here I go with science again… Retrocausality is primarily a thought experiment in philosophy of science addressing the question: Can the future affect the present, and can the present affect the past?

If the theory is right, then that feeling you get that you’ve known someone forever may be because you do…. in the future. The theory is that you’ve spent a lot of time with that person in the future, and it’s therefor affecting your present perception of that person.

Think back. Did those people you had the instant “It feels like I already know you” feelings with stay in your life for a while? If not in time, did they have a profound impact on you? This isn’t limited to your romantic relationships either. Has this happened with friends or co-workers?

If you took my life as an example, the theory would be inconclusive. Some friends and co-workers turned friends have had to grow on me, but the men who I’ve had these instant connections with, did have a major affect on my life.

So… Could this be the scientific explanation for fate?

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  1. Austyn

    I met a guy this last November and had this feeling with him. Like I knew him very well and had known him a very long time. We met for the second time this weekend and it was the same. I wasn’t nervous around him and felt like I could joke with him like people I have known forever. I told him about some health “issues” I had since the last time I saw him and he showed genuine concern. I’ve never had this feeling with someone, so your post really makes me wonder what’s ahead for him in my life (or mine in his).

    1. Hi Austyn, I’m really glad you found this post. Be sure to keep me posted with what happens with you and this man. I know that any man who I’ve felt this instant connection with has played a significant part in my life, even if they didn’t end up the one, I’m so glad to have met them.

  2. Dar

    Good Afternoon Ravid:
    I have been seeing a man who is the brother of friends and he is 5 years younger that me. I am very private, stand-offish, and don’t open easy to others. These friends do not know my father or anything about him as he has passed several years ago. Within 30 days our connection is one that I feel I have known this person for several years. Yesterday, I find out that (I did not know before I met him) he has had the same professions as my father (which are not common), loves the same candy weird and uncommon, old TV shows, says the same phrases, built like him (which has never been my type), I could go on more but you get the idea. I am 52 and never dated anyone like my father nor have I been interested in anyone with similar traits. I do see this moving toward a future, but I am blown away by the similarities and the close connection we already have. I am a very strong independent and self sufficient woman so as you can understand I having a hard time accepting that this could actually be a real connection for me. I am just looking for some answers or confirmations that this could possible be it, after all these years of bad relationships could this really be the one?

    1. Hi Dar, I’d love to be the person who tells you that this is it, but putting that type of pressure on a month old relationship is not healthy. What I can tell you is that this person will have a tremendous influence on your life. No matter how short or how long he will be around, you’ll grow from the experience. Get excited about the journey, not the end result is my best advice.

  3. Arjey

    Hi! I have a girlfriend for 5 years which mean the world to me and love until now. She’s the opposite of me but our relationship grew stronger despite of that. But, i have this problem and it’s seriously bugging me right now and i cannot get it off my mind and heart. Last year, i met a girl who is two years older that me. The moment we first talked, we clicked right away, we were both similar in such many ways, it’s like a mirror of me, it feels like i’m talking to a person i’ve met a million lifetimes with, we had the same interests and talked very comfortably with each other. To cut the long story short, i began to like her.. She and my girlfriend also became friends but my girlfriend became upset because of our constant communication. Beacuse of this, we fought a lot. At times, our relationship was on the verge of breaking up and since this is becoming unhealthy for us i had to make a choice. I promised my girlfriend to never communicate with her again. I confronted this girl and explained all the things that was happening. I also told her that i began to like her. I made a risk even if i knew that things won’t be the same anymore. She took the things that i’ve said kindly. She didn’t want to mess with my relationship with my girlfriend and i don’t want it to happen either. So, we said our goodbyes. But after all that has happened i really miss her. Like, i lost a very important person in my life. I even cry at times.. It’s really bugging me. I have also a big and strange feeling that i am also feeling her emotions and what she had bern through. I had attempts on communication again to her but she doesn’t reply. I am being “seenzoned” all the time. I love my girlfriend but i think i lost a very very important person in my life. I don’t know how long i am going to carry this pain inside of me. I built bridges but burned them down myself.

    1. Hi Arjey, thank you so much for sharing. Having this instant and intimate connection with someone can be confusing and heart breaking when you loose it. It can feel like you made a mistake and that it’s meant to be more. That’s not always the case. It isn’t always how long the connection lasts or if this person is the one, it’s about the lessons and they journey that you take with them. We get to choose who “the one” is. In this case it looks like you are choosing your girlfriend, and while it hurts to loose this friend, it may be the best course of action. I’d love to help provide more clarity for you. Please reach out using the contact me section of the site and let’s arrange some time to speak. – Ravid

  4. Melissa

    On Thursday I met this guy who works at an eye doctor. I went in there to pick out a new frame and I didn’t want to be bothered. He approached me and asked if he could help me with anything and I said “I guess.” He started laughing. After that we began to look at frames for me and we were just talking. I am usually very closed off until I get to know someone but I felt so comfortable with this guy and like I could talk to him about anything and everything. I noticed that he felt the same way. We talked about school, work and just our lives in general. Before I left, he said he’d call me and see me when my glasses came in. On Saturday I went back to the eye doctor to get my current pair of glasses adjusted. He was in the middle of doing something but he stopped and was like “Hey what’s going on Mel (short for Melissa)?” So he adjusted my glasses and we began talking again. Before I left, he was like “I will see you in couple days.” I told him that my glasses may not be in on a day he is at work, and he said I am always here. I am not sure what it going on with this guy, but I feel like I have known him forever and I feel so happy and free when I am around him.

  5. ray

    Yes I have a very specific ability(s). I can come into contact with a person and see details and events of things to come. There was one time i was on a venting site i was the listener and a woman came on told me what was going on in her life and i saw a type of vision, it happens from time to time, different people or situations, i saw a vision of who she was, what she looked like and a very specific path she needed to take to get through her situation the visions only last a split second but i see things that can be for the next few hours, days, months or even years to come, the final image i saw was her and i sitting on opposite ends of a couch doing what turns out we loved to do, that was talk about life and life experiences, i told her some things and she was very intrigued. We exchanged info and began skyping we talked for 2.5 months, i took her down the path that i saw in the vision and it worked perfectly. Every time we talked or voice chatted it felt like i had known her my whole life i could tell her things about herself that no one knew about but here is the catch, i had a limited amount of time to do this to get her to that point and being we were separated by 10000 miles there was no feasible way to get to her physically but i feel in my heart of hearts that we were meant to meet and it was my job to get her on her feet so she can move forward on her own. I did have to sever contact with her so she could dredge forward and for the 1st time in her 26 years of life she had something no one had ever given her that was hope. i have no idea if our paths will cross again or if it was my job to nudge her in a direction that our paths will cross again, only time will tell, but i can tell you this i have seen another vision where we meet in person and i show her the rest of the way and show her more life and life experiences, in the mean time i can still hear her voice from when she called me over a year ago telling me “thank you ray, you did it”

  6. Tiffany

    So I have been talking to this guy for about two weeks now. I meet him through my best guy friend. We all hung out a couple of times but never really talked to him. At the time I had a boyfriend for a year. When we broke up I was upset and angry at my ex. Until I went to a bonfire with my best guy friend. The guy that I’m talking to now was there. I didn’t know many people there, so I started talking to him. It was so easy for me to talk to him. Then we exchanged snap chat names. We started texting back and forth. Its super easy to talk to him. We have hung out a couple times now. I had him meet my parents. We both said that it feels like we have know each other forever but we didn’t really talk before the bonfire. I have a lot to learn about relationships since I’m only 18. This happens to me a lot though. I felt like I have know my best friend forever but we have only been friends since freshmen year. I have this strange feeling like I have known my best friend and the guy I’m talking to in a past life or that we are going to be in each others life for a very long time. Am I crazy to this way?

    1. It could very well be that the person you are feeling this way about (the guy or best friend) are people you’ve known in a past life or will impact you in a future tense. Whenever I feel this way, I tell myself, this person is going to teach you something and I open myself up to the lessons and experiences I will have with them.

  7. ray

    Hi Ravid, I had sent you a message a month or so ago, not so much to brag about my specific abilities, but to show you and others that these gifts do exist. The event that i shared on this page did in fact happen there is obviously more to it, but it wasn’t necessary to share, or the countless other times they have happened. It is frustrating for me because there is little or no one that i can relate to so when i found this site i thought wow, maybe there is something more to it.
    Yes, I have used my gift to change lives, and in some cases prevent something very destructive from happening. I have talked to psychics and have absolutely floored the best of the best because with my ability i don’t conjure up anything or touch an inanimate object and its right and perfect every time. I don’t know how much more to explain or share what happens and when i do people think i am a liar, so I have no idea what they mean exactly or why i have them, but the more i use it, the more exact my abilities become. Thank you for your time – Ray

    1. Hi Ray, Apologies for not responding before. Your comment read like commentary and not like a question or looking to connect. While this article takes a more scientific approach to why we have this feeling like we know someone when we just met them, I do believe that many people have gifts as you describe them. The gift can sometimes make things a bit confusing as you don’t know if you are meant to help them and send them on their way or be in their life in a more personal way. I personally don’t have this gift, but my intuition always leads me to know if I am here to serve or just be.

      Listen to that voice and you will know..

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