1 May 2014

Don’t Take It Personal

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Only you control how YOU feel.

Sometimes people act a certain way that we didn’t expect and we automatically take it personally. We start to over think everything and try to figure out where we went wrong and why they’re reacting this way, not realizing that we have no idea what they really think.

Most times, their bad day or the way they are acting has absolutely nothing to do with you. It really has noting to with them either, or at least nothing to do with their intention. Everyone brings their own set of issues, stories, and past into the relationship dynamic and even though they may say they want a specific thing, their past doesn’t allow them to act on it because the other way is all they know.

How do you deal with this?

First, don’t take it personal, because again, only you can control how YOU feel.

Second, be empathetic to their situation or the past situations that they may still be dealing with.

Talk about it! Don’t make assumptions about anything. Don’t over analyze. Just ask the question you’re wondering about, or ask how they are feeling. When they tell you their truths, you can choose if you want to deal with it, or keep it moving.

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