12 Nov 2014

Do You Have A Purpose And Does It Align With Your Partner’s?

I had a conversation the other day with a married friend. He married young and gave me some advise on what he would have looked for had he knew then what he knows now. We tend to get very deep whenever we speak and most of our conversations relate to our purpose on this earth.

In the last two years my purpose has changed tremendously. My purpose went from being very self-serving to serving others. I used to serve egos, my own and the ego of those around me in the music industry. My purpose was to be a successful female executive (a.k.a. boss bitch) in the music industry. My new purpose is to help others go through the struggles of love and life. I now teach what I’ve learned by doing and though it may not have all the perks of the fast life, I am much more fulfilled in my life and choices.

Let’s circle back to the purpose of this article. The idea is that you date someone with his or her own individual life purpose and when you come together you create a purpose as a unit. To most the purpose you’ll have together is the family you create, the legacy you leave behind or the change you create in your immediate communities. For others the purpose may be greater. It could be politics, charitable work, creating change on a national or international level or building an empire as your legacy for generations to come.

It could be that one partner wants a quiet small town life; have the white picket fence, where they only affect change in their family and/or immediate community. The other partner wants to affect change in the world; they want to travel and help those abroad. Could those two paths work together?

We must also consider that there’s a sacrifice that’s made for each one of our purposes. Small town living may sacrifice passion and adventure while living for a bigger purpose may sacrifice quality time with family and friends. Are you and your partner willing to make those same sacrifices?

As you grow older and your purpose becomes clearer, it’s important that this conversation is had with anyone you plan to commit to long term. No matter the purpose, big or small you must identify your purpose as an individual and as a unit to see if they align. Can you walk this path together or will one of you be left behind?



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