25 Jan 2016

You Can’t Depend On Your New Guy If He Does THIS

If you’re looking for a serious relationship, here is something you seriously need to consider. How the guy you’re dating shows up in the beginning is a great indication of how he will show up for you long term.

As much as we don’t want to admit it, most strong and independent women are looking for a driven man to compliment us and lead. We can take charge all day long at work, but when it comes to our personal life we want someone who can take the reigns.

While a man can exude confidence and look very alpha, it’s his actions that prove he is one. There’s one action above all that will prove if he is in fact the leader you seek in the early stages of dating.

If he can’t plan a date, you will have a very hard time planning your future with him.

This may seem silly, but it is a red flag for the driven woman. His inability to make a plan for your date will show up in other areas of your life together.

How you show up with a potential partner is not an isolated incident. We as humans are wired to repeat our actions in many aspects of our life. If he can’t decide where to take you on a date, he’ll have a hard time deciding about the bigger things in life.

If he never has a plan for what to do when asking you out, he’ll have a hard time planning and taking the next step in your relationship.

Soon you’ll find yourself not only making all the decisions when having date night, but making all the decisions, period. You making all the decisions has huge implications for your future relationship.

To start, you won’t trust him to make the bigger decisions in your life, because we build trust  through the smaller day-to-day decisions, and he hasn’t made those. It’s hard to show up in your feminine when you have to lead at all times and since your instinct is to lead, he will grow to resent you if he does in fact consider himself an alpha.

So when he asks you the dreaded question, “what would you like to do?” – take a step back and don’t give him a plan. Give him some options on types of foods or activities you enjoy and allow him to make the final decision and plan things out.

Sit back and watch for his actions. They could be the difference between a man you go out on a date with and one you plan a future with.

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