23 Apr 2014

Dating by Circumstance

Everyone is so busy… We work, we play, we try to stay fit, we have social lives and activities, our favorite TV shows/sports and social media time. When do we actually have time to date?aa-woman-cell-phone-angry

A trend I constantly saw while going through the Love Life TBD project was dating by circumstance. A lot of men don’t want to make plans; they want to date when it’s convenient for them. When the circumstances allow, they will hit you up. It’s 7pm on Friday night and they just realized they’re free. Here comes the “hey you, what you up to tonight” texts. They have an hour to burn between meetings/obligations. “whatcha doing?”.

Suddenly the word “spontaneous” has given men an excuse not to plan anything.

I expect time, consideration and a plan. I expect you to respect my time, as much as I respect yours. If having these expectations labels me as not spontaneous, let it be.

The man worth dating will make a plan and keep it.

But ladies, I hear the same complaints from men. They plan the date and you flake last minute. You have to give the same respect to them as you expect to receive.

Anything worth having takes time and effort and it’s on you to set your boundaries for what’s acceptable in your relationship.

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