29 Jun 2015

An Easy Trick To Overcome Your Fear of Being Rejected

The fear of rejection has plagued many men. It is the single biggest obstacle standing between most guys and their dream relationship. That fear makes it so they never even try to approach a great woman, let alone date her.

In my coaching I have encountered some wonderful men. They are successful, kind, good looking and yet they don’t meet great women. When I ask them where they go to meet women, they give me all the right answers. They try to meet women by going to bars, parties and events, but never meet anyone because they never approach them.

So why would a good-looking, successful and wonderful man not approach a woman? His fear of rejection stops him. While this seems counter-intuitive, fear of any kind is very real to the person experiencing it especially when the fear is about rejection.

How does one overcome their fear of being rejected? Follow this easy two-step method and you will gain the confidence to approach anyone.

Let’s start with visualizing a part of your life where you are very confident and do not fear rejection. Maybe it’s in your career where you can sell anyone pretty much anything? Maybe you’re creative – the actor who truly believes in his talent? Maybe you feel the most confident at the gym, where you can go on for hours about what type of workout is the most effective?

Whatever the area of your life you are most confident in, think about it now.

Ask yourself, what makes me so confident in this area of my life?

For most the answer is simple. You believe in your talent, in the product you’re selling, or in the knowledge you have. You believe that your talent, product or knowledge will have a positive impact on someone. You believe that it can change their life.

When you are rejected in that area of your life, you somehow don’t think of it as failure. Because in that area of your life you understand that rejection is not failure. That maybe the product wasn’t right for that person, or it’s not the right time for them. You understand that their rejection is not a reflection of you.

After all, you only fail by not trying. You only fail by not taking a chance. You only fail when you don’t take action.

The next time you see a pretty lady at the bar or a woman online that you’d like to approach, think about that area of your life where you are most confident and turn that belief inwards. Begin to believe in yourself. Think about the positive impact you can have on her life. By approaching her today, you may change her life.

While this seems like a bold statement, it is 100% true. The woman you approach today can be your soul mate and both of your lives can be changed forever simply because you took a chance.

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  1. Great post! It’s always better to take a chance and face rejection then to spend your life asking yourself “What if?”. Even if you have to fake confidence, or draw on your confidence in other areas, you have to take risks and be okay with the prospect of rejection if you want to succeed in life and love.

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