24 Jun 2014

Absolutes Are Sabotaging Your Dates

I’ve talked about this before; there’s nothing more attractive than a man with a plan and ambition. We love to know that the person we are dating has a plan, Talking about our Future in Absolutes doesn't allow space for love in your lifebut talking about your future in absolutes does not allow space for someone else to be in your life.

This is an immediate red flag on a date.

Using words like have to, right now, only and can’t when it applies to your circumstances in life and reaching your goal vs being in a relationship convey that you’re not ready or open to a relationship.

You may not even realize you do this, but using those words are sabotaging your dates.

I have to figure out my career first… when I’m settled.. I’m not looking for something right now, but I do want it “someday”..

You should know what you want in life and be open to the possibility of taking a detour to allow someone into your life. Detours get you to the same place you intended to go, just not in the way you were planning.

All that matters is that you got to your destination, right?

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