15 Dec 2014

A New Marriage Model Means Declining Divorce Rates

Don’t believe the myth! Divorce rates are actually down to a staggering rate of 17% for couples who married in the 90’s and 2000’s.

You used to look for a partner who was either a good homemaker or a good provider. The man held the burden of providing, and when money got rough, so did the marriage.

As gender equality rises in marriage, the odds of Divorce continue to decrease. There’s a new marriage model in which both spouses work to build a strong economic foundation for their marriage.

A man is no longer burdened by the responsibility of providing for his family, and the woman is no longer resentful for her duties at home. Both are left to explore more passions and purpose individually and together, making for a happier union.

For that reason, individuals are looking to get financially stable first. Only then does marriage become a priority.

When they do become financially stable, they can now choose to get married, and what they look for is a soul mate. The new model for marriage means looking for…

  • We look for Love in its truest definition.
  • We look for shared passions with our partners that can give us greater purpose.
  • We want to marry someone with similar ideas about having and raising children.
  • We want our marriage to create a work/life balance.
  • We want a partner who is our equal.

Do you think that this means the end of the traditional marriage? Let me now in the comments section.


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