23 Jan 2015

8 Tips to Help You Shed Those Happy Relationship Pounds

Happy pounds are real and your new boyfriend is to blame.

After a battle with Cancer I set out to not only get healthy, but to get fit. I joined Crossfit, got a regular gym membership and started counting my calories and micros.

When I met my boyfriend I was in the best shape of my life. Several months in I noticed that there was a little more jelly in my belly and I stepped on the scale to find that I had gained more than a few pounds.

I was now cooking for two so my daily eating habits were changing. He introduced waffles into my life, which I had never eaten much of on a regular basis. He even got me a waffle maker so we could make brunch every Sunday and we were spending a lot more time on the coach than I was used to.

Some days it felt like he was literally shoving food in to my mouth or making ridiculous requests for cookies at midnight which I happily made, because yes, I love good food and seeing him happy.

That comfort on the couch and comfort food on my plate contributed to my gain, but I’m definitely not alone in this happy weight gain. One study revealed that women gain an average of 7 pounds during the first year of a new relationship, while men lose 4.

I had to figure out a way to lose the weight I’d gained and make sure I could maintain in the future so I decided to ask the married women of my calorie counting community for tips.

How did they handle cooking for two while maintaining their own healthy eating habits? Here are the best tips they provided:

  1. Alternate meals everyday so that you get your healthy food and he gets what he wants to eat as well.
  2. Eat Breakfast and Lunch solo, and just worry about the meal you’ll eat for dinner together during the weekdays.
  3. On the weekends dine out so that you can each pick what you want to eat, and skip dessert.
  4. Make slightly different things for each of you to eat by adding more vegetables to your meal and a grain or potato to his.
  5. Split the meal you make 70/30 with him getting the larger portion.
  6. Eat whatever you want so that your healthy habits and choices rub off on him.
  7. Eat less than him by using a smaller size plate
  8. Pick a “date night” and eat whatever you want, but only on that night.

At the end we just need to commit to maintaining our healthy habits. No matter how happy that sandwich I made makes him feel, a healthy partner will make him feel so much better in the long run.

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