9 Dec 2014

5 Types Of Cheaters That Ruin Dating And F*ck Everything Up

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As a woman living in LA, who worked in the music industry, I tend to have a biased view on cheating. That view being that everyone does it.

I’ve been propositioned by all types of married and otherwise committed men and have seen married friends, colleagues and clients have multiple affairs. In general, our culture is getting used to cheating.

With so many marriages ending because of infidelity, the shock and awe once associated with cheating has faded. We see the headlines announcing celebrity couples ending things because one cheated and no one is surprised.

Let’s be honest: It would be more surprising if couples were faithful.

Cheating and getting caught is one thing, but the method in which people go about the act of infidelity fascinates me. These are the five types of cheaters I’ve encountered…

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