26 Feb 2015

5 Reasons To Stop Saying “He’s Not My Type”

You’re at a bar and your friends point out a seemingly attractive guy. He seems nice, but you respond with “He’s not my type.”

You’re online dating and a man who looks like he has things together messages you. He seems nice but, “He’s not my type.”

The “He’s not my type” epidemic has plagued the best of us. If you recall, the night I met the boyfriend, I said multiple times that he was not my type. So you know I feel your struggle.

When dating with a purpose there’s no room for type.There are only room for values, compatibility and possibilities. I could have easily dismissed a wonderful man like I have done many of times before, but then I would have missed out on having the great relationship that I have now.

If you’re ready to date with a purpose, your type has to be thrown out the window.

Here are 5 reasons to stop saying and acting on, “he’s not my type.”

1. It Hasn’t Worked So Far

Are you in a relationship? Have you had a healthy, happy, fulfilling and lasting relationship with your type? If you can answer yes to both – then you probably shouldn’t be reading this. Maybe your type is right.

If you said no to both questions then guess what? You’re type isn’t working for you. He’s not what you need, and you’ve been picking them wrong. It’s time to stop dating your type and start dating someone different.

2. It’s Superficial

How can you possibly figure out if someone is your type until you’ve given him a chance? Sure there are things that you know right off the bat that don’t work with your life style, but generally when a woman says he’s not my type, she’s talking about the physical, or what he does for a living.

If he’s nice, has a strong character and is not horrid to look at, you should be giving him a chance.

3. It’s Comfortable

Our brains work in patterns. We tend to do what’s comfortable to us because it’s easier to predict the outcome or deal with issues when they arise. We know what to expect when dating a specific type of man and even though we know he’s not good for us or going to work long-term, we still pursue his advances because it’s familiar.

Don’t date someone just because it feels familiar. If we are not challenged, we do not grow. If we date the same guy over and over again we will get the same results. It’s time for a change.

4. You’re Missing Out

Dating is a numbers game. The more you date, the more likely you are to meet someone amazing. By only dating your type, you’re missing out on a whole population of men.

5. He May Surprise You

He sure as hell surprised me. I didn’t expect to connect with the man who wasn’t my type, but once we spent time together I knew that there was something different about him and our connection. I was able to communicate better, speak more deeply, and share more with the guy who wasn’t my type than I was ever able to with my type.

Keep this in mind: Your type is directly associated to your past. If you want to build a new future, date someone who is different than what you’ve dated in the past.

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