3 Jun 2014

From Playful to Romantic: 5 Great Date Ideas


Drinks. Coffee. Repeat? Break out of the mundane routine of dates and do something different for a change.

Nothing is more attractive than a man that makes plans and is creative with your dates. From playful and fun, to romantic and thoughtful, these are 5 date ideas that actually happened during my LLTBD Experiment that I enjoyed.

Five Great Date Ideas[/tps_header]

1. Let’s Go Team!

Support your favorite team together at an actual game. This is normally not a first date, but was a great second or 10th date. You get to drink, cheer and be marry and console each other if you lose. Thankfully for me, every time I’ve gone on a date to a Game, we win!

Go Lakers 🙂

Support Your Favorite Team Together

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