23 Mar 2015

3 Things A Good Woman Would Never Do

Have you ever seen that couple at a party that totally ruins the mood with a spat? Have you ever been that couple? Well listen up…

There are ways of being that make him so proud to have you by his side. Like when you’re supportive, sweet, funny and graceful. Not all women act this way, but a good woman always tries her best to lift her man up in public, and leave the lovers quarrels at home.

We all have bad days (where we can’t front on the frown), but no matter what’s going on, a good woman would never do these 3 things.

Fight In Public

Things happen and your boyfriend may have said the wrong thing, or maybe you had to go to a friend’s party even though you’re in the middle of a fight. I get it, but the only thing worse than a child acting out in public is a woman acting out in public.

Do not ever raise your voice at each other, or fight in public. Leave that shit at home! Act like an adult and wait for a more appropriate time and place to have it out.

Embarrass Him In Front Of His Friends Or Family

There’s friendly banter and even shit talking that can be done amongst friends, but when you disrespect or embarrass your boyfriend on a regular basis in front of his friends and family, it sends out the message that you don’t respect him. In turn the people who are closest to him will not respect you.

You may also be embarrassing him by not holding your liquor, airing dirty laundry or over sharing. Carry yourself as a lady, and this will never be an issue.

Emasculate Him

Whether in private and especially in public, if you belittle him, curse him out or speak to him in a way that you would never speak to a stranger on a regular basis, you’re emasculating him.

Choose your fighting words carefully, and be compassionate when you speak to your partner. Tearing someone else down and disrespecting him to make you feel better or more secure is immature and petty.

If you’re doing these things on a consistent basis, don’t be surprised when he leaves you. There are fewer things in this world more fragile than a man’s ego. That doesn’t mean we have to cater to that ego at all costs, but when in a relationship, we are supposed the build our partner up.

This behavior shows a lack of respect for your partner, relationship and yourself and if you’re the man on the receiving end of this behavior, run!


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