13 Feb 2017

3 Simple Ways To Reconnect When You’re Craving Connection

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Our romantic connections are often a reflection of how we connect to ourselves and to others in our life.

If you’re having a hard time connecting with men or the opposite sex, watch the video below for 3 easy ways that you can reconnect and get the connection you crave ASAP!

Are you at work or prefer to read? Here’s the video wrap up:

Step 1: Check in with Yourself for Self-Care

What does checking in with yourself mean? It means looking within and asking why am I not connecting? What am I missing or what do I need to take care of that?

For the remedy, you can turn to self-care. It’s hard for us to connect with others and ourselves when we aren’t taking care of ourselves.

This means eating right, being active, getting enough sleep and doing things that you enjoy.

Step out and get some air, a massage or a mani/pedi.

Begin reconnecting to yourself first, through self-care.

Step 2: Look for Evidence

Often your disconnect with others is driven by frustration or a set of limiting/negative beliefs.

In order to reconnect, you must start looking for evidence to the contrary of your belief.

If you are starting to believe that all men are bad or cheat or lie because you’ve come across a few lately, look for the men in your life that are not that to disprove the belief.

I know that if you look (not even that far) you’ll be able to find plenty of amazing men around you.

Step 3: Connect with Others

Your connections and ability to relate are not isolated to your romantic ones.

If you’re looking for connection, look no further then the people that you already care about in your life.

Go on a date night with your best friend. Spend time with your niece and nephew who bring you joy.

You can even go on dates, but simply set the intention of creating connection. Release the pressure to find the ONE, and look for common ground instead. Look for a meaningful conversation or shared passions and you’ll find that connection a lot quicker than you could have imagined.

When you’re able to connect with yourself and with others, you’ll attract more connection into your life as a whole. Romantic or not!

It’s as simple as that.

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